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Encouragement For Special Needs Parents From Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

On September 3, 2017

I’ve watched Finding Nemo and Finding Dory multiple times, but it didn’t hit me until recently that both Nemo’s and Dory’s parents are special needs parents and they have different approaches to raising their children that have encouraged me in the way I parent my own special needs children. Nemo’s dad Marlin, is very fearful and overprotective, longing to keep…

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Releasing Expectations and Embracing God’s Plan

On February 13, 2017

I’m sure we’ve all had them.  Expectations.  And we’ve all had not fun reactions when our expectations weren’t met. For example, I expected to do lots of fun things with my children, go on lots of fun play dates and adventures.  Instead, my children require frequent trips to specialists and therapists due to their special needs.  And my reaction was…

Faith / Special needs parenting

Embracing Contentment in our Circumstances

On November 10, 2016

I remember being so overwhelmed with anxiety and so desperate for peace in my circumstances, that I looked up every verse I could find about peace.  And believe you me, there is a plethora. It’s definitely something God wants us to have in our life.  But no matter how many verses I read about peace, I just wasn’t experiencing it….

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Why Being A Special Needs Mom Isn’t Something to Fear

On October 21, 2016

I overheard two expectant mamas talking in a Chick-fil-A play area.  They sat together on one bench, oblivious to their older boys playing together, and they each were expecting a boy.  I watched my kids play with these soon to be big brothers. These mamas chatted about due dates, pregnancy woes, and pediatricians.  And then the conversation took an unexpected…

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