I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard about essential oils, I thought it was crazy, hippy-dippy stuff.

But, I had a good friend who was using Young Living essential oils to benefit her whole family, including her son with ADHD and she had some pretty amazing testimonies about how the oils had helped them. And having two boys of my own with various special needs, I was desperate to find something that might help my children.

And to my absolute astonishment, essential oils did help! You can read all about the oils I use for my special needs children here.

But, being a special needs mama meant I was struggling with anxiety worrying about my boys, juggling all their therapy appointments and specialist appointments, battles with insurance, and the constant feeling I wasn’t doing enough for my boys. I also struggled with depression with a bit of anger and bitterness thrown in for good measure. This wasn’t the life I had dreamed of and I was struggling to find hope and joy in my life.

But, just as I decided to try essential oils for my kids, I decided maybe I could try some for me too to help me with my emotional health and wellbeing. I wanted to be able to enjoy life again and do so using healthy, natural methods.

Now, to be honest I took medication for a while to help me with my emotional and mental health. But essential oils were a huge part of my healing so I didn’t need to take the medication long term. I no longer am taking any medication for my depression or anxiety, and whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious, etc, I turn to essential oils, healthy eating, and prayer for help. But I’m telling you this to anyone who may be seriously struggling with anxiety or depression, there is no shame in getting the medical help you need.

Disclaimer: I have done a lot of research on essential oils and love sharing what I’ve learned with others, but I am not a medical expert. Please remember to do your own research thoroughly before using essential oils for safety.  Also, Young Living products are not intended to treat or cure any disease, though they can assist with general health and wellness.

About Essential Oils

Essential oils are the oils extracted from plant parts (flowers, bark, leaves, etc) used for aromatic or even medical purposes. Each oil has different benefits for our physical and emotional health. There are so many testimonies of people experiencing positive changes to their health or their children’s health after using a particular essential oil that I just had to give it a try. I’ve since fallen in love with essential oils and don’t know what I would do without them!

With essential oils you get what you pay for, and so I only recommend Young Living or DoTerra essential oils, though I personally am a member of Young Living and enjoy a 24% off discount. Some companies dilute their oils or add other (potentially toxic) ingredients to keep their cost down, which defeats the purpose of using essential oils for its healing properties.

Using Young Living essential oils to help with anxiety, depression and other areas of emotional health

Essential Oils for Emotional Health

Joy. Joy does what it says, helps you experience joy and self-love and other positive emotions. Joy was one of the first oils I tried, because it came with my starter kit and I thought a little joy just sounded nice. I would place a drop of Joy on my hand, smell it, and then rub it over my heart. It smells amazing and made me feel amazing too. One day, I was putting a drop of Joy over my heart and my older son saw it and indicated he wanted some. At that time he was about four years old, not talking much at all, very quiet, very serious, and always kept to himself. But I figured a drop of Joy couldn’t hurt and so I rubbed a drop of Joy on his heart. A few minutes later, I heard him laughing and went to see what was going on–it was a sound I didn’t hear much. He was playing and laughing with his little brother, and that day at his speech therapy appointment, he said a few new words. His therapist was amazed at his change in personality. We were too, and I owe it all to a drop of Joy. This is an oil I diffuse at least weekly to benefit our whole family.

Stress Away. This is one of my absolute favorite Young Living scents ever, it smells like lime and vanilla and I rub a drop across both wrists and the back of my neck (where I hold tension when I’m stressed) as well as inhale the smell and ta-da, I feel sooo much calmer. It’s a-maz-ing! However, this is a blend that is not recommended for use for young children, so use it on yourselves mamas and use Peace and Calming on the kiddos.

Peace and Calming. When I was feeling anxious, sleep was hard to come by, but some Peace and Calming in the diffuser or rubbed on the bottoms of my feet would calm my mind and get me to sleep in no time. Peace and Calming is also great for kiddos, they love the citrusy smell and it does help create a calm mood.

Valor. Valor is another one of my favorite oils, and I use it just about daily. This oil helps instill feelings of confidence and feeling grounded or stable. This is another oil I’ll rub on my wrists and wear as a perfume, or diffuse, as it benefits the whole family.

Hope. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the smell of this one, but man oh man does it do what it says. When I was really struggling with depression, my Young Living friend recommended I try Hope essential oil and I’m glad I did. We store emotions in our bodies and essential oils can help us release those negative emotions–if you want to learn more about this, I highly recommend the book Releasing Negative Patterns with Essential Oils. The first time I used Hope, within minutes I found myself crying. Not like a little bit of crying, nope I was weeping. Apparently I’d been holding in a lot of my stress and grief, and this oil helped me to let it all go. And once I was done crying, I felt so much lighter and free and yes, I did feel hope about the future. I don’t use this oil often, just when I’m feeling really down, and it always helps me see life a little clearer and rid myself of those negative emotions.

Christmas Spirit. This blend is amazing, it truly does smell like Christmas (it’s a blend of orange, cinnamon and spruce) and it helps lift your spirits, bringing peace, comfort and joy to your heart and home. I love to diffuse this oil year round, not just at Christmastime.

Release. Release is another oil that can help you release negative emotions, most commonly anger. I like to rub a drop of Release across my liver area, as anger can often be stored in the liver area. I remember one day I had a big argument with my husband and was really angry and couldn’t let let go of the anger.  I put a drop of Release over my liver area and also just smelled the bottle for a while and slowly I felt the anger just drift away.  Before long I was able to see the argument from my husband’s side and we could finish our conversation peacefully.

Harmony. Harmony is the newest addition to my emotional health arsenal, and I’m loving it. Like I mentioned before, emotions can be stored in the body and get trapped, blocking energy and healing from occurring in the body. Harmony helps to release those trapped emotions and get the energy flowing. Sounds kind of hippy-dippy I know, but it works. The first time I used Harmony I felt a few areas where fear had kept me trapped start to melt away. I felt free to tackle some things on my to-do list I’d been avoiding due to fear.

There’s so many oils and blends that can help with emotional health, but those are my favorites!

Best Day Ever Protocol

Great Day Protocol - Gary Young's Daily Routine for the best day ever

Photo courtesy of https://greeneggsnglam.com/tag/joy/

The founder of Young Living, Gary Young shared a routine he did daily to help him have the best day ever. I do this routine too, just about every day, and it really helps you have an emotionally positive day.

  1. Valor. Put a drop of Valor on both wrists, and hold your wrists together for about a minute, while smelling your wrists.
  2. Harmony. Put a drop of Harmony in your hand, rub together, and rub it over your throat, your heart, and your stomach area.
  3. Joy. Put a drop of Joy in your hands, smell it, and rub it over your heart.
  4. White Angelica. Put a drop of White Angelica in your hand, rub between both hands, smell it and then put on both shoulders.
  5. Have the best day ever. 🙂


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Young Living Starter KitGetting Started with Young Living

If you’d like to start your journey using Young Living essential oils you can click here to order a starter kit which includes 11 oils (a few of which I shared about above!) and a gorgeous diffuser and some samples. You’ll get all these goodies at almost a 50% discount, as well as 24% off discount on all future orders with Young Living! Plus, I’ll send you a Young Living gift as a thank you for signing up with me. 🙂

I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much money on essential oils, but I decided to view it as an investment in my family’s health and I am so very glad I did. The benefits the essential oils have brought to our family’s physical and emotional health have been a true blessing and worth every single penny.

Leave any comments or questions in the comment section below, or shoot me an email, I would be glad to help you out!

Happy oiling!

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