Essential oils are the oils extracted from plant parts (flowers, bark, leaves, etc) used for aromatic or even medical purposes. Each oil has different benefits for our physical and emotional health. There are so many testimonies of people experiencing positive changes to their health or their children’s health after using a particular essential oil that I just had to give it a try. I’ve since fallen in love with essential oils and don’t know what I would do without them!

With essential oils you get what you pay for, and so I only recommend Young Living or DoTerra essential oils, though I personally am a member of Young Living and enjoy a 24% off discount and would be happy to help you get signed up if you are interested. Some companies dilute their oils or add other (potentially toxic) ingredients to keep their cost down, which defeats the purpose of using essential oils for its healing properties.

Disclaimer: I have done a lot of research on essential oils and love sharing what I’ve learned with others, but I am not a medical expert. Please remember to do your own research thoroughly before using essential oils for safety.  Also, Young Living products are not intended to treat or cure any disease or disorder, though they can support general health and wellness.


Using Essential Oils to Help Special Needs Children | Essential oils for digestion, immunity, focus, sleep and more

So, without further ado:

Personal Favorites

Brain Power is an absolute favorite of ours. This is a blend of oils that helps with mental focus. I apply it to the kiddos on the back of their necks, and across the forehead in the morning and at night. My older son is making huge strides with his speech, his understanding of things around him, and his social skills, and if I forget to apply the Brain Power for a day or two, I notice a slight regression in his speech, so I know this oil is helping and is worth every penny. I use it for my younger son too, and when I forget to put some on him in the morning I notice he’s a little bit more hyperactive. I think it’s because there’s lavender and other calming oils in Brain Power. Also love the smell of this one. (DoTerra equivalent is DDR Prime. It has a much different blend of oils, but with same goal of helping with focus and brain function.)

Peace and Calming does exactly what is says: brings a peace and calm to the mind and body, especially great for hyperactivity or before bed. I’ve also read that it’s great for kiddos with sensory processing disorder, because it helps calm the nervous system down, and so I use it on both kiddos. This is a great oil to diffuse, especially before bedtime and bonus: it makes the house smell so fresh and clean! I use it sometimes myself, when I can’t get my anxious mind to stop whirling to help me settle down and fall asleep. I love adding a few drops of Peace and Calming to one cup of Epsom salt in the boys’ bathwater. (Note: Epsom salt baths should not be done daily, but one-three times a week is safe and in fact has great health benefits! Adding essential oils just increases the health benefits of an Epsom salt bath.) (DoTerra equivalent is Serenity)


Valor is an amazing blend that helps with confidence and calming. I like to put it on my boys before school or before a therapy appointment, as it helps them focus and be more open to trying new things without anxiety. For the boys I rub it along the spine. For me I put a drop on my wrists daily and wear like a perfume that helps me feel grounded and able to accomplish everything on my to-do list. I also like diffusing this blend. (DoTerra equivalent is Balance).

Other Essential Oils for Brain Function:

  • Frankincense (which is in both Brain Power and Valor blends) as well as Sacred Frankincense are reported to help with mental focus. Frankincense has the ability to go through the brain barrier and help stimulate brain function as well as general healing.
  • Cedarwood can help with focus
  • GeneYus is an oil formulated for children that is similar to Brain Power, but cheaper, if you want to try it rather than Brain Power.  But since we have Brain Power and we’ve seen amazing benefits from it, we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing.
  • Clarity is another oil that can help with focus and attention. We tried it, but didn’t really notice a difference, and so we’re sticking with using Brain Power.

Other Essential Oils for Emotional Regulation:

  • Grounding is great for helping one focus on the here and now–great for those who live in their own little world or are so excited by new ideas and possibilities they can’t focus on the current moment. (DoTerra equivalent is Balance).
  • Vetiver is great for calming the mind and body down, this oil is great for children with ADHD

Essential Oils for General Health:

  • Lavender is great for calming and sleep.  Rub a drop or two on the bottoms of feet or diffuse in bedroom for a great night’s sleep.  This is also great for ear infections–put a few drops on a cotton ball and insert in the ears for relief of ear infection pain. Lavender is also great for putting on cuts, bruises and mild burns to prevent infection and reduce swelling, as well as speed up with the healing process.  Also great for the skin, such as acne breakouts or eczema.
  • Digize is great for older children and adults with any digestive issues. Tummygize is specifically formulated for younger children. Rub a drop of Digize or Tummygize in a carrier oil (I like coconut or almond oil) and rub counter clock wise around belly button. (DoTerra equivalent is DigestZen).
  • Peppermint can also help with digestion, but it must be diluted with a carrier oil (we use almond oil) on children. Rub a drop diluted with carrier oil clockwise around belly button.  Can also help with concentration and focus for older children by diffusing while doing homework. Peppermint is also great for the respiratory system–diffuse a blend of peppermint, lemon and lavender to help with seasonal allergies. Love this oil and it’s multiple purposes.
  • The Reconnect Kit has four oils specifically formulated for children. Haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard great things about it.
  • Thieves is a blend that is fantastic for building up immunity, as it kills viruses and bacteria in the body if applied topically, or throughout the house if diffused. Any time the kiddos get the sniffles or anything more significant, I pull out the diffuser and diffuse this throughout the house, in their rooms, etc. I also apply to the bottoms of their feet in the morning and before bed until they are feeling better. (DoTerra equivalent is OnGuard)
  • RC stands for respiratory care and that’s truly what it does. I love diffusing this when kiddos have a cold, cough, or croup, or when we have the sniffles from seasonal allergies. (DoTerra equivalent is Breathe)
  • Lemongrass is great for supporting muscle tone, so it is helpful for children with cerebral palsy, hypotonia etc. Add some lemongrass to a carrier oil and massage into the muscles, or add a few drops of lemongrass to one cup of Epsom salts and add to bathwater when your child is taking a bath.

I hope you see some wonderful benefits to the health and wellness of every member of your family, especially your precious child(ren) using essential oils. Leave any comments or questions in the comment section below, or shoot me an email, I would be glad to help you out! If you want to sign up with Young Living, feel free to contact me with any questions or go ahead and sign up here.

Happy oiling!!

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Jenn Soehnlin is a mother to two boys who are precious blessings and who both have special needs. She is the author of Embracing This Special Life: Learning to Flourish as a Mother of a Child with Special Needs


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