The heart of this blog is to encourage those who feel like that flower, stuck in a hard place where life is overwhelming, and yet stay rooted in God’s truth, keep the faith, and bloom and flourish regardless of our circumstances.  Because that’s what God wants for us.  He wants us to bloom where we’re planted and grow into the beautiful person He created us to be.  To show off our colors to this hurting world and to bring Him glory.

It seems like if you’re a Christian, God should be answering our prayers and life should be easier.  But we weren’t promised an easy life and that can be hard to accept.

I was living based on my worries and desires and demanding God why He wasn’t doing things the way I wanted.  I viewed Him as a God withholding good things from me.  But I’m learning to ask God ‘what’ instead of ‘why’.  “God, what do you want me to learn from this journey?”  And He has a lot to say about that.  As well as putting things back in perspective and putting Himself back on the throne.  God’s been teaching me a lot about trusting Him, and embracing all the good things, the blessings in my life, and even embracing the painful journey, to be molded more and more into the woman He wants me to be.

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