I’m an avid reader and I do enjoy writing. And as much as I am touched by receiving a new writing journal with a fancy pen, I’ve stumbled across many an item on Amazon that strikes my reading/writing fancy. And maybe they’ll strike yours too, whether it’s a gift to yourself, or for a loved one who enjoys reading and writing.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.  Thank you for your support!

Fun gift ideas for those who love reading and writing - #writergift #readergift


Gifts for Readers

Book Lover's Soy Candle-available in multiple scents such as Bookstore, Old Books, Rainy Day Reading, Sherlock's Study, etc. #booksBook Lover’s Soy Candles. Not only would this make a cool gift, but factor in that so many Kindle/Nook users complain that they miss the smell of books, and this just solves all their problems! They have a variety of scents, such as Old Books, Rainy Day ReadsSherlock’s Study, and Bookstore.


Reading is My Jam t-shirt #reading #read #booksBookish T-Shirts. There are several t-shirts I’ve stumbled across that I would love to add to my wardrobe one day. Some of my personal favorites include:

Reading is My Jam

I’m Not Addicted to Reading, I Can Stop As Soon As I Finish This Book

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Movie

Happiness is a Cup of Coffee and a Good Book


Noveltea tins-Pride and Peppermint tea, Matcha Ado About Nothing tea, and Oliver Lemon Twist tea #books #teaNovelTeas. Some readers are coffee lovers, but for those who love tea, these make a perfect gift for a reading fan! Comes with a fun book tin they can keep forever. You can buy in a gift set, or individual flavors, which include Pride and Peppermint, Oliver Lemon Twist, War and Peach, and Matcha Ado About Nothing


Once Upon A Time necklaceOnce Upon A Time Necklace. Cute, fun, and stylish necklace for any book lover who wants to wear a little bling.




Gifts for Writers

Writer's Block journal - unblock your writer's block by writing in this punny journal #writergift #write #writersblockWriter’s Block Journal.  Writers love journals, and they complain about having writer’s block. Why not get them a writer’s block journal to help them unlock that writer’s block?


Cute pencil holder for any #writerTypewriter Pencil Holder. A cute and fun pen holder for any writer to store their writing utensils and place proudly on their writing desk.




Coffee mug for writers: let everyone know in a fun and inspirational way that you're a #writerI’m a Writer What’s Your Superpower? Coffee Mug. Whether they’re drinking hot tea or coffee, this mug is a fun and inspirational way to let everyone know they are a writer, and yes, writing is indeed a superpower.



Waterproof notepad: Because all the great ideas always come when you're in the shower


Aquanotes Waterproof Note Pad. Because EVERYONE knows the most brilliant ideas always comes to you when you’re in the shower. (Or when you’re driving, but that’s another story.) Every writer needs a good waterproof note pad. 🙂


Word t-shirt. #writergiftWriting T-Shirts. So many shirts about writing, the sky is really the limit here, but my personal favorites are

Jesus, Coffee, and Writing are My Jam

This is My Writing Shirt

Writing is My Superpower



Books about writing. You can never go wrong with a good book about writing! There are so many great books about writing, but these four are my favorites:

On Writing by Stephen King

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

I hope that helped you get some ideas of a novel gift (see what I did there?) for a reader or writer in your life.

Which gift idea is your favorite?

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