Lilla Rose is an awesome company that sells beautiful and unique hair accessories that I absolutely LOVE love love!!!

Gorgeous Hair Clips

I useGorgeous and functional hair clips to rock your world and your hair | Lilla Rose | hair accessories | hair stylesd to wear my hair in those plastic claw clips all the time, but they had a tendency to break and they would also stab my head when I leaned back against it.  Then I stumbled across a blogger who hosted a Lilla Rose giveaway on her blog and I learned about their flexi hair clips and I just had to have one.  And I was sooo bummed I didn’t win that I immediately went and bought a hair clip for myself.  I loved how easy it was to put in and it stayed in place all day long and I got three compliments on it the very first day I wore it.  I promptly bought two more.  I was in love with this gorgeous product.

Flexi clips are so easy to put in, you can put your hair up in a french twist, bun, pony tail, or my favorite half up style in a few seconds and hold it in place with the flexi clip — no need for any bobby pins or pony tail holders to hold your hair in place.  It is super durable (I’ve been wearing three Lilla Rose flexi hair clips for over seven years and they’ve never broken) and are comfortable enough I’ve actually fallen asleep with them in my hair.  Plus I get tons of compliments on them, and why wouldn’t you?!   They’re pretty, unique and functional, a winning combination.

They have a variety of sizes of flexi clips, so whether you have very fine hair or super thick hair, there is a clip for you. Check out this page for figuring out what size flexi clip you would need and various ways you can style your hair with a flexi-clip. 🙂


Other Awesome Haircessories

Gorgeous Lilla Rose hair accessories

As if their flexi clip wasn’t cool enough, Lilla Rose also sells gorgeous hairbands, bobby pins, hair sticks and so much more.  I love their hairbands, they are so pretty, stay in place comfortably all day long, and BONUS: you could wear one as a necklace. 😉  Their bobby pins are also awesome, stay in place all day, and don’t pull out a few hairs every time you take them out like regular bobby pins do.  And the u-pins are a gorgeous way to put your hair up in a bun or french twist without having to use elastics or bobby pins.  There are so many different ways to style your hair with all these products, you’ll be amazed. 🙂


Feel free to check out the Lilla Rose accessories and if you have any questions, just shoot me a message or visit my Facebook page


*Any orders you place on my Lilla Rose website, I get a commission, which will help support my family and allow me to continue blogging here at  Thank you for your support! <3

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