Happy December all!  With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about the story of Jesus’ birth.  But I’ve been focused on Mary, her story, her circumstances, her heart.

Here was Mary, a young woman engaged to Joseph, full of plans for a bright future in front of her.  Sure, fame and fortune weren’t in her plans, just the dreams of marrying Joseph and caring for their home, raising children, and living out a loving, simple life. Until an angel came and told her some changes were in her future.  Some big changes, full of scandal and trouble and a future that would surely pierce her heart with many sorrows.

But never once do we see her complain about her circumstances or do those things we tend to do when life doesn’t go our way.  And so I’ve created for you a five day mini Bible study, perfect for the advent season for you to print and read and study at your leisure as you prepare your heart for Christmas despite the circumstances unfolding in your life.Printable advent 5-day mini Bible study: Having a Mary Heart Through Life's Unexpected Circumstances

How to download your free printable mini-Bible study:

Click here: Having A Mary Heart Mini Bible Study Print it out, grab a pen and your Bible and open your heart to what God has in store for you this Christmas season.

Here’s to embracing Christmas and life!!



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