I once watched a beautiful French Dove commercial, in which women were asked to write in a journal every negative thought they had about themselves.  Later on, they had two actresses memorize the lines these women had written down, and said them aloud to each other in a coffee shop, where all the women who had written the stuff about themselves were sitting.  They were all appalled to hear the things they said to themselves spoken aloud and told the actresses to stop because they were being “harsh” and “violent.”

It is absolutely crazy the things we say to ourselves sometimes.  We say things to ourselves we would never say to another human being, and then we wonder why we feel lost, stuck, not good enough, etc.  We doubt that God can love us.  All that negative thinking is not from God and is not good for us at all – spiritually, mentally, or even physically.

About a year ago I listened to a TEDx Talk by Dr. Caroline Leaf.  Amazing talk.  She is a Christian neurobiologist, who states that negative thinking can have negative effects on the body.  That toxic thoughts can have a toxic effect on your brain and body and positive thinking can have positive effects on the brain and the body.  She says God made it that way, and that’s why there’s so much scripture on fixing our mind on God and on positive things.  That if we are trusting in Him, trusting in His truths, then our bodies, our hearts, minds, our entire lives will be blessed.

Embracing a Renewed Mind

God has a beautiful recipe for us to experience more of the abundant life He came to give us, and it comes in the way of thinking positively, of thinking of God’s truths which are good for our mind, soul and the body He has created for us.  

“Do not conform yourselves anymore to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2


I memorized this verse years ago, and still have a hard time living it out.  I’ve wondered if I’m missing something, because if I was getting it, I would be transformed, right?  Instead, I felt stuck.  Paralyzed right where I was.  So one day, I pulled out a concordance and did a word study.  Sometimes, a word study can be transformative to the way you see Scripture, because as much as I love the written word (I was an English major after all), the New Testament was written in Greek, and a lot can get lost in translation when put into English. So anyway, I was doing a word study, and I decided to look up three of the words in this verse.  We’ll go through each one here.  Hang with me, because this is good stuff here. 🙂



The Greek word for this is metamorphoo.  It means “to change, to transfigure”.  

This is exactly what butterflies go through.  One day they’re creepy, crawling caterpillars, and then they spin a cocoon and they emerge graceful, soaring butterflies.

The butterflies are, after all, a kind of girlie example, but my pastor gave an illustration of this verse using Transformers.  These robots from the planet Cybertron can conform to our world by disguising themselves as a car, helicopter, truck, etc.  But who they really are, are much more powerful than that.  They can stay in their disguised vehicular form, or transform into who they truly are.

But what’s cool to realize, is we have the power to transform too.  Not into butterflies or alien robots, but we can transform more and more into the holy women/men God wants us to be.  It won’t happen all at once.  It will take our entire lifetimes to transform.  But it is possible.  And it is what God wants for us.

Releasing Negative Thinking and Embracing a Renewed Mind



The Greek word is anakainoo.  It means “to refresh, restore, reinvigorate, and renovate”.

I always thought the word meant to make like new.  Which in and of itself is pretty cool.  But I was caught on the word renovate.  When you renovate a part of your house, you take out the old stuff.  Put in new stuff.  And the transformation is incredible, right?  There’s a reason families cry and are so amazed when they see their houses fully renovated on those reality tv shows.  They had lived with it the way it was for so long, but now it’s different, better, healthier, more practical.  Like new.

2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”



The Greek word for mind is “noace”.  According to the Greek dictionary, noace includes thoughts, feelings, purpose and desires.  


Now, I don’t know about you, but I always thought the word ‘mind’ meant like your brain, your head, your thoughts.  But no, according to the Greek word, every time the word “mind” is used, it refers to all the parts of us – our thoughts, feelings, purpose and desires.  The essence of who we are as individuals.


So when we read 1 Corinthians 2:16, “For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? For we have the mind of Christ,” it essentially means we have the thoughts, feelings, purpose and desires of Christ.  Powerful stuff, huh?


Putting it all together.

Ok, now I did something with these definitions that changed everything for me.  I put my favorite word from each translation into the verse.

“Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world anymore, but be transfigured by the renovating of your thoughts, feelings, purpose, and desires.

Oh, how different life would be for us if we renovated our thoughts, feelings, purposes and desires to align with God’s words, rather than our own thoughts!  How much healthier we would be in mind, body and spirit if we lived believing the things God says about us, rather than our own negative thoughts. 


Recommended Reading:

If you’re looking for a good book (or two!) to read to help you overcome your struggle with negative thinking, there are two books I have LOVED and highly HIGHLY recommend.  (Disclaimer, both books are affiliate links, meaning should you click on the link and purchase the book, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.)

My favorite books about overcoming negative thinking | A Confident Heart | Self Talk, Soul Talk

Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Jennifer Rothschild.

A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God’s Promises by Renee Swope.



Here’s to thinking about ourselves the way God does!


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