Hiya! I’m Jenn. And I know all about the challenges and struggles on the special needs parenting journey because I have two beautiful boys who are precious and sweet and entertaining and complete blessings in my life, but between the two of them, we are at eleven diagnoses and counting. It’s not an easy journey to be on, and I struggled quite a bit in my faith, wondering if God was really good as I had always believed.

I had two boys under the age of four with various diagnoses. My life was filled with therapies and specialists, with anxiety and depression, with loneliness and anger toward God. And one day, while asking God yet again “Why?” He whispered just one word to my anxious, grieving heart.


Embrace what? I wondered. And idea after idea came to me. So much so, I wish I would have written it all down, but I don’t think my pen would have flown across the pages fast enough.

I was convicted.  Encouraged.  Loved by the God of the universe.

He would gently remind me of something I needed to embrace fully in my life.  Something that I needed to not only accept, but cherish. My role as a mother.  My children. Their diagnoses, their progress, their personalities and their hearts. This special needs journey. Myself. My husband. And most importantly, God and His mysterious, yet trustworthy ways. My perspective was transformed to the Biblical, rather than the worldly way of doing things that I’d been trying to do unsuccessfully for years.

God has taught me so much in this special needs parenting journey and I knew God wanted me to share the faith-based encouragement I’d been learning with other Christian mothers who have children with special needs.

My Book: Embracing This Special Life

Embracing This Special Life - An encouraging book for helping mothers of children with special needs learn to flourish in their faith and in their lifeThere is a unique struggle to keep your faith in God’s goodness and His plan while juggling the appointments, stress, grief, and loneliness that accompany the special needs parenting journey. Jenn Soehnlin knows these struggles well and seeks to encourage other mothers with scriptural truths and her vulnerable honesty to:

◊ Provide a biblical view on special needs parenting

◊ Free you from unhealthy expectations, worries, and emotions

◊ Enable you to embrace the life and blessings God has for you and your family

Embracing This Special Life will help guide you toward spiritual victory and renewed purpose in your special needs parenting journey.


Spiritual Survival Guide for Special Needs Mothers

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This free, printable guide includes:

  • a list of 15 Scriptures to Pray For Your Special Needs Child
  • a list of 20 Scriptures for Special Needs Parents to Pray
  • inspirational stories of hope and encouragement
  • and more hope-filled resources!

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Here’s to embracing this special life together!


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