Bibles That Will Help Your Child with Special Needs Access God's Word

Special needs Resources

My older son (age 12) has hearing loss, a speech disorder, and a few learning disabilities, and my younger son (age 9) is on the autism spectrum, but I don't want their diagnoses to stop them from learning about and loving God's Word.

There are so many Bibles to choose from, I decided I would share with you the Bibles that I have read with my own children or that I've heard great things about from other special needs parents.

Bibles to help your child with special needs access God's Word

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The Beginner's Bible

Beginner's Bible

This was one of the first Bibles I read with my kids and they loved it. It is brightly colored with cartoon like illustrations in simple language that help the stories come alive for our children.

Action Bible

Action Bible

Both of my kids love reading graphic novels, and this Bible puts Bible stories into graphic novel form. Whether your child can read them on their own, or you read it to them, seeing the story told in such a visual form can be very helpful for our children.

The Action Bible is intended for ages 9-12 The Action Storybook Bible is intended for younger readers, ages 4-8 The Action Bible Devotional includes 52 weeks of Bible stories from the Action Bible, intended for ages 8 and up

Hands on Bible (NLT)

This Bible has engaging notes at the beginning of each book and throughout to help readers understand the material, as well as hands-on activities to help readers participate in and experience the Bible. This is a great Bible for kinesthetic learners and those who do best by playing an active part in the lesson. It is a Bible that is fun for kids AND adults to read and participate in together. The text is a little small though, so not recommended for young readers or those with visual impairment.

My First Hands On Bible is intended for toddler and preschool aged readers Hands on Bible is intended for ages 6-12

The Adventure Bible for Early Readers (NIRV)

This Bible is written at a third grade reading level, making it much easier for readers of all ages and abilities to read or listen to the text and understand. It is in full color and filled with fun facts, making this an appealing read. It is intended for readers ages 6-10.

Bible Apps:

Deaf Bible App

Deaf Bible App Logo

Created by the Deaf Bible Society, Inc. and available in all app stores for FREE, this is a fantastic resource for anyone who is Deaf or significantly hard of hearing to see the Bible read in sign language.

The Bible App

Bible App for Kids Logo

The Bible App for Kids is FREE and created by YouVersion. Your child can watch Bible story animations that they can interact with and learn from.

The YouVersion Bible App is intended for older readers, but it allows you to listen to the Bible being read to you in any version of your choice, which is great for those who are visually impaired or blind.

Not a Bible, but I would be remiss if I didn't share about an awesome TV series to help your child understand God's love for them:

The Chosen

The Chosen with Matthew

I highly recommend The Chosen TV series for older children/teens to watch this series. We watch it with closed captioning on to help my sons understand what is being said with the Greek accents and some of the Jewish terms they are unfamiliar with. And we pause a lot to explain what is happening and to answer questions. But this has been a fantastic way for our children to see familiar Bible stories and characters and Jewish history come alive.

The disciple Matthew (pictured here) is depicted as being on the autism spectrum, which my sons (and my husband and I) absolutely love and appreciate.

There are tons of Bibles out there so I'm sure there's plenty more I could add to the list. Feel free to share your favorite Bible for your child(ren) with us in the comments below!!

And if you have any concerns about your child being able to be saved due to their cognitive or speech ability, I encourage you to check out this encouraging article.