Recommended Books for the Christian Special Needs Parent In Need of Encouragement

Special needs Books

If you're a parent raising a child (or children) with special needs, you know the ache, the loneliness, the worry and fear that can become consuming if you let it. You can find yourself struggling with grief, anxiety, and/or depression, and experience a crisis of faith. You need all the help and support and encouragement and faith and hope you can get.

I've been there--I have two boys who both have special needs. And I also love reading. So I'm in my happy place when I stumble across a book that can encourage or enlighten me on this special needs parenting journey. Below are several of my favorites that I often recommend to other special needs parents.

Books for Christian special needs parents

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Updated: June 2024

For Special Needs Parents

Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery for the Special Needs Parent by Diane Dokko Kim

Unbroken Faith

This was a beautifully written book with an equally beautiful message. The author shares Biblical truths and her own personal stories to help you to grieve and wrestle with the questions you may be asking God, to help restore your faith.

The Life We Never Expected: Hopeful Reflections on the Challenges of Parenting Children with Special Needs by Andrew and Rachel Wilson

I loved this book, and found things to highlight on every single page. I loved that chapters alternated between the mother and the father's perspective in their journey of raising two children with special needs, that this would make a fantastic book to read with your spouse. Their examples, relatability, and choice of Scripture passages made this such an encouraging book that was a huge blessing to me in my special needs parenting journey.

How to Build a Thriving Marriage as You Care for Children with Disabilities by Todd and Kristin Evans

I am so thankful for this needed resource to help couples who are struggling with all the challenges that come with caring for their children to nurture their marriage. Todd and Kristin vulnerably share their own stories and struggles in their marriage while providing hope, encouragement, research, practical solutions, specific examples, and helpful resources. It’s refreshing to know we’re not alone in our struggles and challenges of building a healthy marriage while caring for our children, and it’s wonderful to have a whole toolbox of practical encouragement and support in one book.

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World, by Paul E Miller

This is a fantastic book to encourage you in your prayer life as a special needs parent. The author has a daughter with autism, so I could really relate to this one. This book offers tons of encouragement and practical strategies to help you incorporate prayer into your busy life and to help you stay focused while you're praying.

Who Cares for You: A Bible Study for Caregivers by Marissa Bondurant

If you're looking for a Bible study, then I highly recommend this one. In this four week Bible study, you'll read and answer questions about passages of Jesus interacting with caregivers to help you see how much He loves you and is caring for you while you care for your child(ren).

Sharing Love Abundantly in Special Needs Families by Gary Chapman and Jolene Philo

Love Languages for Special Needs Families

I'm sure you've heard of the five love languages, and this book is written just for special needs families. Gary Chapman and Jolene Philo share stories, advice, and practical tips to guide you toward understanding how to show your special needs child and your spouse love in ways that speak to their heart, despite the stresses and challenges that come with special needs parenting. I loved that this book addressed how to discover your special needs child's love language, as well as the importance of speaking in the love language of your spouse and neurotypical children as well, and provides you with the tools you need to do so.

Unexpected Blessings: The Joys and Possibilities in a Special Needs Family by Sandra Peoples

Unexpected Blessings

This book is filled with Bible-based encouragement and practical and helpful tips for navigating the special needs parenting journey. I loved it and especially recommend it for anyone new to the special needs journey or seeking God's plan and purpose in their special needs parenting journey.

For Special Needs Mothers

Embracing This Special Life: Learning to Flourish as a Mother of a Child with Special Needs by Jenn Soehnlin

Embracing This Special Life-an encouraging book for Christian mothers who have children with special needs

This is a book I wrote about learning to embrace the things in this special needs parenting journey that God longs for us to enjoy (such as our faith, our husband, our children, ourselves, etc), while releasing the things that are not healthy for us (such as unhealthy emotions, expectations, control, worry, isolation, etc). Each chapter is filled with scriptural truths and ends with reflection questions to help guide you toward spiritual victory and renewed purpose in your own special needs parenting journey.

Different: The Story of an Out-of-the-Box Kid and the Mother Who Loved Him by Sally and Nathan Clarkson


This book alternates with a fascinating chapter of Nathan's perspective growing up, dealing with his various diagnoses, and what he remembers about his parents' support growing up, and then a chapter from his mother Sally's perspective. The themes woven throughout is a faith-based encouragement to love and nurture the child God gave you, and the love this mother and child had for each other despite the challenges. Reading each chapter from Nathan's perspective was very eye-opening for me, and in each of Sally's chapters, I found myself agreeing with her vulnerable thoughts and struggles and doubts as a Christian special needs mom. Definitely a great read.

Unlimited Motherhood: Overcome 12 Limits That Overwhelm and Conflict Our Hearts by Jessica Hurlbut

Written by a mother of five, including two with autism, author Jessica Hurlbut shares 12 truths about motherhood from a Bible-based perspective. She shares her own vulnerable stories and truths from the Word of God that remind us that we are daughters of the King and empowered by the Holy Spirit as we care for our families, callings, and communities. If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your responsibilities as a mother, this book will challenge and encourage you in your faith and parenting journey, helping you live and parent the way God created you to.

For Special Needs Fathers

Common Man, Extraordinary Call: Thriving as the Father of a Special Needs Child by Jeff Davidson

Book for Special Needs Fathers

I'll admit I haven't read this book, since well, I'm not a father, but I've recommended it to a few special needs dads and they've thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm glad to see that there is a book written specifically for the dads, because there is definitely a need there.

Aching Joy: Following God Through The Land of Unanswered Prayer by Jason Hague

Aching Joy book

I put this under the special needs father category because it is written by a pastor whose son was diagnosed with special needs and about his journey of dealing with the grief and finding hope in his special needs parenting journey. But honestly, this is a great read for special needs mothers too. I listened to it on audiobook and loved the truths and stories sprinkled throughout. It's a great read for anyone struggling with any kind of grief in their life, but especially applicable to special needs parents.

There were so many good books to choose from, but these are my top recommendations.

Your turn! What books did I miss that have inspired you as a special needs parent? Or what are you planning to read now? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂

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