A Manifesto for Christian Special Needs Mothers

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This special needs parenting journey is no joke. And being a Christian special needs parent adds the struggle of trusting that God has a plan for your good and your child's good amidst all the worries, appointments, struggles and the isolation that comes with special needs parenting.

Believe me, I know. I have two sons and between the two of them, we are at twelve diagnoses and counting. I went through my own crisis of faith, spiraling into a pit of alternating anxiety and depression. But God helped me find victory and purpose in the special needs parenting journey. Sure, I still struggle. But I'm learning to embrace this special life. And I wanted to share with you a manifesto I wrote to help me in this special needs journey. I read it whenever I'm feeling down or discouraged. I have a copy tucked into my Bible.

Manifesto: A declaration of your views or intentions, made public so others can join you

A Manifesto for Christian Special Needs Mothers

Embracing This Special Life Manifesto

By Jenn Soehnlin

  1. I give myself permission to feel whatever emotions I am experiencing at this moment in my special needs parenting journey.
  2. I will go to God with my brokenness and let Him heal my heart in the way that only He can.
  3. I will ask God what He wants me to learn from this journey, rather than questioning why I was chosen for it.
  4. I will choose to focus on God's blessings throughout my day, rather than the circumstances I wish were different.
  5. I will trust that God has a plan in all things, and that His plan is good and for His glory.
  6. I give myself permission to take a minute (or several) to breathe and to spend time doing something what makes me feel alive.
  7. I will celebrate each of my child's milestones and every inch in-between.
  8. I will spend more time focusing on my child's heart and their strengths and their passions than worrying about their weaknesses and struggles.
  9. I will be intentional about connecting with my husband and investing in our marriage.
  10. I will be strong, passionate, and courageous when it comes to giving my child(ren) the love and care and services they need.
  11. I will give myself permission to let some things go or ask for help, so I can spend my time and energy pursuing my priorities.
  12. I will join a loving community who can encourage me and love my family.
  13. I will care for my body by drinking more water, eating healthier, and moving more.
  14. I will share my knowledge, insight and experiences with other special needs moms in need of support and encouragement.
  15. I will embrace and enjoy this one special life and all the blessings I have been given.