Facebook Groups for Christian Special Needs Parents

Special needs Resources

When I found myself suddenly thrown into the world of special needs parenting, the stress and isolation was overwhelming. Sure, I learned a lot from books and Google, but I found support in Facebook groups. There were groups for special needs parents in general, as well as for specific disorders and diagnoses, and it felt good to find others who knew the lingo and the struggles and the victories that come with special needs parenting. It felt good to have community with other special needs parents, even if it was just online.

But I couldn't find a good group for Christian special needs parents, and that is what I desperately needed. The anxiety and faith-questions I experienced were not solved in my church or my Bible study group, it would only be met by meeting with other Christian special needs parents, even if it was online. These groups are a safe place to share prayer requests, find resources and encouragement, and find a community of people who truly get it.

There's a few groups out there now for Christian special needs parents, but there are two that I highly recommend, and so I'll share those two with you. A short, but sweet list that I can vouch for, as I am involved in both.

#Abiding Caregiver - Self-care and Soul Care for the Caregiver

I love the name of this group so much, because self-care and soul care are both vital and hard to come by in this special needs parenting journey. Led by Sandra Peoples, author of several books and a podcast for Christian special needs parents, you can't go wrong with this group. There is lots of community engagement, with people asking questions, sharing prayer requests, and offering support. Click here to check it out and join.

Embracing This Special Life

This is a group that I started for Christian special needs moms that shares encouraging memes, helpful resources, prayer requests, and other support. The group also does praying Scripture challenges a few times a year. During the praying Scripture challenges daily prayer prompts with a related Scripture are posted to help you pray Scripture for your family, for your children, and for yourself as a special needs mama. Chick here to check it out and join.

If you know of another great Facebook group for Christian special needs parents, please let me know in the comments below, I'd love to check them out and add them to this list. Hope I see you in the two groups shared! Because no one should go this challenging and lonely journey alone.