Gift Ideas and Essentials for the Essential Oil Fan

Gifts Essential Oils

I love using essential oils. There's always essential oils I'm wanting to add to my collection, and items I need/want to go with my essential oil use. So I've compiled a list of my favorite essential oil items (or items on my wishlist) that I think an essential oiler would need or enjoy. Please note, I use Young Living essential oils, and I am a Christian, so some of the items listed below may reflect that.

Gift Ideas and Essentials for the Essential Oil Fan

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A Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser

Every essential oil user needs a way to disperse those amazing oils into the air to benefit their entire family and make their homes smell amazing in the process.

Diffuser Jewelry

Essential oil diffuser watch

Give yourself or give the gift of essential oil bling! Add a drop or several of a favorite essential oil to the lava bead or the diffuser pad and you'll be able to smell your favorite oil as you go about your day, reaping its health benefits all day long. Some of my my personal favorites are these:


Essential oil book

Oh my goodness, so many books about essential oils to choose from! Here's a few of my favorites:


Who doesn't love a good t-shirt with a slogan that shows off their passions and interests? Here's a few t-shirts on my wishlist. ;)

Essential Oil Storage

Essential oil storage shelf

You need a nice, safe place to store all those bottles of precious oil, right? Here's a few ideas:

Essential Oil Essentials

Essential items for using essential oils

Here's a few items every oiler needs to keep on hand for essential oil safety, as well as for making roller bottle blends and sprays.

So, which gift idea/essentials are your favorite?