Embracing Your Unique Way Of Worshipping God

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Worship is the feeling or expression of adoring God. We use the word worship to talk about the music portion of a church service, but it really is so much more than that. It is any way of expressing your love and desire to connect with God using a way that is unique to you.

Embracing Your Unique Way of Worshipping God

Looking For Your Own Way To Worship

As I looked through Instagram one day, I stumbled upon a feed full of gorgeous Bible art. Bible scenes and verses were painted beautifully on the margins of the Bible and I’ll admit it--I was jealous. The only thing I do in my Bible is underline things that speak to me, but I don’t write a single word, let alone paint or draw or put on stickers.

That weekend at church, I watched as a woman used sign language to beautifully sing along with the worship. I found myself mesmerized, watching her sign to the Lord. I know about 200 signs, but right then and there, I was jealous and ready to sign up for a sign language course and become fluent so I could worship that way too.

Now, like any good Christian, I didn’t want to be jealous. After all, I was perfectly and wonderfully made too, right? I should stop comparing and be thankful for how God made me, right?

And it was while journaling my thoughts about that one day that I realized that writing was how I worship. I use writing as a way of processing my thoughts and feelings. I write prayers to God. I was created to write. And when I write in my journal or I blog it is my creative act of worship to God. It is just as beautiful to God to watch me write, as it was for me to watch that lady signing in worship or to witness a whole instagram feed of gorgeous Bible art.

They are all beautiful to God. They are all creative worship to God.

Why God Loves To See Us Uniquely Worship Him

God is a creative being. He made the world, and then He uniquely created each of us. And we are created in His image. That means, He made us to create too. God tells Moses about how He designed and gifted Bezalei:

“I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts–to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of craftsmanship.” Exodus 31:1-6

The first instance of a person being filled with the Holy Spirit wasn’t Abraham or Joseph or Moses. Nope, it was this guy named Bezalei who was in charge of building God’s tabernacle.

Bezalei was created to build. And it was while building the very place that would host the presence of God, that He got to experience and worship God.

You can sense the pride in God’s voice as He brags about Bezalei’s giftings and skills. I’m sure God loved watching Bezalei build that temple with his gifts and talents and passions that God created in Bezalei.

And that’s how He feels about us too, when we are working in the unique way God crafted us. When we are participating in an area God has gifted us in, we not only using the gifts and passions God gave us, but we are connecting with God and experiencing Him in new ways.

Who is this creative worship for?

David had lots of ways he worshipped God. He wrote psalms, played musical instruments, sang songs and danced before the Lord.

When his wife Michal was embarrassed by the way David chose to worship, David told her he was worshipping “before the Lord” and not for man (1 Samuel 6:21).

Our way of worshipping is for God. We can oftentimes neglect worshipping the way our hearts feel led because we feel awkward or embarrassed or afraid of what others may think or say. But we are meant to boldly worship how we were created to do so because we love God and want to show Him that love.

But what is cool is that not only will we enjoy connecting with God, but we can also show others ways to connect with God. We can encourage others closer to God when we share our giftings and passions and our way of worshipping God with others.

I was blessed watching the lady sign her worship, just as I was blessed seeing beautiful Bible art. It wasn’t how I personally connected with God, but by witnessing their passion for worshipping God, I got to see something beautiful that pushed me a little closer to God too and encouraged me to worship God in my own way.

Your Own Beautiful, Creative Worship

“Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it for the LORD.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

And so I encourage you to do exactly what God created you to do. Spend time with God the unique way that speaks to your soul. Do what comes naturally without much effort because it’s just a part of who you are.

We are creative beings who serve a creative God and He gives us the opportunity to spend time with Him the way that brings us the most joy and without much effort.

Fully embrace and enjoy the way God created you to worship God. And share it with others. It wasn’t meant to be kept to ourselves.

How has God uniquely crafted you to worship?