Podcasts That Provide Hope For Special Needs Parents

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I love listening to podcasts. I just find them encouraging to listen to topics I'm interested in and want to grow in while I'm on the road, going for a walk, or folding the laundry. I've recently discovered several amazing and encouraging podcasts for special needs parents by special needs parents, and I want to share some of my favorites with you.

Podcasts That Provide Hope For Special Needs Parents

Tilt Parenting Podcast

Tilt Parenting Podcast for special needs parents

"TiLT Parenting is aimed at helping parents raising DIFFERENTLY WIRED™ kids do so from a place of confidence. TiLT is founded on the premise that being differently wired isn't a deficit—it's a difference. TiLT's mission is to change the way difference is perceived and experienced in the world so these exceptional kids can thrive in their schools, in their families, and in their lives."

Debbie Reber is the author of Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World and the TiLT Parent podcast host. I consult Google all the time for research on various topics that relate to my children and their needs, but more and more I'm finding myself turning to this podcast to see if there's an episode on what I'm researching–and there usually is. Every episode is very educational and informative, covering a broad range of topics to assist special needs parents and help their children thrive. Episodes include interviews from experts in various fields of education, nutrition, medicine, mental health, etc who provide a lot of helpful information. Listen here.

A Special Hope Podcast

A Special Hope Podcast-for encouraging parents of children with special needs "A Special Hope Podcast. Discovering special hope in the stories of those living with special needs, those who strive to minister to special needs families, and the God who is making all things new."

I got to meet the lovely Sarah Broady (podcast host of A Special Hope) at a Key Ministry conference last year and met a kindred spirit. She invited me out to lunch and we had an amazing time connecting and sharing our special needs parenting journeys. I loved hearing her voice and her heart, so I was super excited to hear she was starting up a podcast. I love that she interviews a variety of people–special needs moms, dads, authors, and even her son with special needs. All these varied perspectives and stories are refreshing to the soul and truly do point to the hope we have in Christ. Listen here.

Bonus: I was featured in an episode sharing my own special needs parenting journey, about my book Embracing This Special Life, and how you can learn to flourish as a special needs parent. You can listen to the episode here.

Hope Anew Podcast

A Special Hope podcast for encouraging Christian parents of children with special needs

"The podcast for parents of children who are impacted by disability. Where we believe there is beauty in the journey and purpose in the pain."

Hope Anew is a ministry by Jonathan and Sarah McGuire to encourage parents who have children with special needs in their faith. I had the honor of meeting this couple at the Key Ministry conference and they were such a down to earth, friendly couple that were happy to stop everything and pray with parents who needed some encouragement. I absolutely love that they work together to minister to fellow special needs parents and so we get to hear from a special needs dad's perspective as well. I love this couple's heart, ministry and journey. Listen here.

Mama Bear Podcast

Mama Bear Podcast: Encouragement for special needs mothers

"The Mama Bear Podcast is a place for women raising children with special needs to get together and chat about life. Mary Susan McConnell and her guests discuss the beautiful highs and the extreme lows that can come with parenting on such unique journeys."

Each episode is full of humor, honesty, and hope and makes you feel less alone in the journey as you realize other special needs mamas have similar feelings and experiences to our own. There is a warning about possible adult language on every episode, but the reason for that is because the host, Mary Susan McConnell doesn't want you listening when your children are around and can hear the honest things parents say about their special needs parenting journey which could make your child sad or anxious. Listen here.

Real Life Moms Podcast

Real Life Moms podcast: encouragement for Christian special needs mothers

"Join us as we discuss mom life, being a caregiver, a mom to a preteen, homeschool, and how autism has changed our lives! We pray you find encouragement for your days as we incorporate God's word and apply it to our daily lives."

I just stumbled upon this podcast recently and am eager to listen to more. Laura Hurd shares her insights on faith, autism, homeschooling and more. Listen here.


Lomah podcast for parents with teens and adults with special needs

"Your host, Kim, has a teenage daughter with severe autism and other special needs that will require 24/7 care the rest of her life. Like many parents, Kim has a lot of important questions. She does not claim to know the answers for her child nor yours but does promise to search for them and share what she is discovering along the way. You will quickly find her getting things right just as often as wrong. These mishaps will also be openly shared as we all fumble through this journey together."

I'll admit, I haven't listened to this podcast YET, but with all the great things I've heard about it, I definitely plan to. Kim's focus is on parenting teens and adults with special needs. Topics include education, technology, housing options, and so much more. Listen here.

Unexceptional Moms Podcast

Unexceptional Moms podcast for mothers of children with special needs

"Welcome to the Unexceptional Moms Podcast, where we offer hope and encouragement for special needs parents. Join us in this journey as we navigate the joys and challenges of raising children with disabilities. We want you to know you're not alone."

Although the hosts Ellen Stumbo and Erin Loraine no longer post new episodes, there is a treasure trove of encouraging posts to listen to if you haven't already with topics ranging from faith, marriage, and self-care to info about particular disabilities, PTSD, and inclusion in schools. Listen here.