A Resource Guide to Help You Pray Scripture for Your Family

Prayer Praying Scripture

We all know that praying is powerful and that we should be praying for our families. But sometimes, it can feel like we're praying for the same things over and over and we can get discouraged because we don't see God answering our prayers.

I know, I've been there. With two children with special needs, I was constantly praying for my sons' health, their development, their progress, and for my own stress and anxiety and I felt God wasn't answering a single one of my prayers. I began really struggling in my faith and in my prayer life.

But then, one day at Bible study when the leader asked for prayer requests, I poured out my struggles with anxiety and my faith and my worries about my children. I cringed, wondering how they would respond.

Their response stuns me to this day. Those ladies put down their Bible study materials, gathered around me, lay their hands on me, and surrounded me with comfort and prayer. Each and every one took a turn to pray over me with confidence and power. Each and every woman included a Bible verse, or several in their prayer. They claimed the Word of God and declared it boldly over me.

I was cocooned by the transforming power and the presence of God. Tears slid down my face, dripping onto my jeans. The anxiety melted away from my shoulders, my mind stilled, and peace filled my heart for the first time in a long time.

It was then I experienced the power of praying Scripture and I wanted more of it. I read Beth Moore's amazing Praying God's Word, and I discovered the joy and power of praying Scripture over various things that were important to me. I loved praying God's own words over my family, marriage, my children, and anything else on my heart.

Resource Guide to Help You Pray Scripture for Your Family

Why You Should Pray Scripture

Prayer in and of itself is powerful. When you combine it with God's word, well, let's just say you should be prepared to see some mighty things happen!

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