Recommended Books About Prayer

Prayer Books

I love learning more about the practice of prayer (especially praying God's Word) and I love to read, so let's just say I've read a lot of books about prayer. Today, I'd like to share my absolute favorites with you.

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Prayer: Finding The Heart's True Home, by Richard J. Foster.

This is one of my favorite books on prayer.

I underlined about half the book, soaking in the beauty and the power of prayer and its many forms and purposes. It's one I return to every year and find it so encouraging and inspiring to persevere in my prayers. Highly recommend!

Prayer in the Night: For Those Who Work or Watch or Weep, by Tsh Harrison Warren

Prayer in the Night is is filled with such encouragement and truth that sink into the soul of the weary, the discouraged, the doubting, the grieving, the suffering, and the joyous. I read each page slowly, pen in hand, underlining, taking notes, pausing to savor each new truth and as if that wasn’t feast enough, the back of the book has amazing discussion questions and prayer practices. Such a beautiful and powerful read, I highly recommend it!

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World, by Paul E Miller

Another fantastic book to encourage you in your prayer life. The author has a daughter with autism and I have two children with special needs, so I could really relate to this one. No matter what your situation or struggles in life, this book offers tons of encouragement and practical strategies to help you incorporate prayer in your busy life and to help you stay focused while praying.

Praying God's Word: Breaking Free of Spiritual Strongholds, by Beth Moore

This is the first book I read about the power of praying Scripture, and I've read it several times now. It's a fantastic guide to help you know why and how we should use Scripture to grow in our faith and to overcome spirititual battles using the power of prayer and God's Word combined.

Praying the Bible, by Donald S. Whitney

This is another fantastic book about praying Scripture. This one offers strategies about how to incorporate God's Word into your prayers during your daily Bible reading time. It specifically focuses on how to pray the Psalms, which I found very practical, helpful, and encouraging.

There are so many incredible books about prayer, it's honestly hard to pick a favorite. What book about prayer is your favorite? Or which one of these listed do you want to read now? I'd love to hear!!