Embracing Life and Spiritual Victory as a Christian Special Needs Mother

Special needs Parenting

This special needs parenting journey is no joke. And being a Christian special needs parent adds in the struggle of trusting that God has a plan for your good and your child's good amidst all the worries, appointments, struggles, and the isolation that comes with special needs parenting.

Believe me, I know. I have two sons and between the two of them, we are at twelve diagnoses and counting. I went through my own crisis of faith, spiraling into a pit of alternating anxiety and depression.

I had two boys under the age of four with various diagnoses. My older son had diagnoses of hearing loss, apraxia (a neurological disorder that affected his speech and other areas), and pretty much every type of processing disorder there was. My younger son had a diagnosis of autism and anxiety.

My life was filled with therapies and specialists, with anxiety and depression, with loneliness and anger toward God. And one day, while asking God yet again “Why?” He whispered just one word to my anxious, grieving heart.


Embrace what? I wondered.

And idea after idea came to me. So much so, I wish I would have written it all down, but I don’t think my pen would have flown across the pages fast enough.

I was convicted. Encouraged. Loved by the God of the universe.

He would gently remind me of something I needed to embrace fully in my life. Something that I needed to not only accept, but cherish. My role as a mother. My children. Their diagnoses, their progress, their personalities and their hearts. This special needs journey. Myself. My husband. And most importantly, God and His mysterious, yet trustworthy ways. My perspective was transformed to the Biblical, rather than the worldly way of doing things that I’d been trying to do unsuccessfully for years.

You can read more of my story and the things that God taught me to embrace (and to release too!) by checking out the book Embracing This Special Life on Amazon. I pray it'll help you find spiritual victory in your faith and your special needs parenting journey.

Embracing This Special Life book for Christian special needs mothers

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Embracing life and spiritual victory as a mother of a child with special needs

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Feel free to join our Embracing This Special Life online community on Facebook for Christian special needs mothers. We have fun getting to know each other, sharing our faith and prayer requests and support and encouragement and fun memes. Because no one should go this journey alone.

Here's to embracing this special life together!